If you want to keep your parties flowing year round, you’ll want to serve cocktails using the following Bahamian labels, which will have your guests coming back for more and make your party a huge success.

Nassau Royale Liqueur is one of the most celebrated spirits in the Bahamas! Its delicate blend of rich ingredients like exotic vanilla bean and local banana provide the consumer with traditional island tastes that can be experienced in different ways, including straight, over ice or a cocktail.

Afrohead Rum is another popular choice that is recognized as one of the finest distilled rums in the Caribbean because of its rich contents, including notes of caramel, vanilla and black pepper. This rum is exclusively offered in boutique liquor stores and when it is mixed with muddle sugar cubes, lemon juice and shredded coconut, you will be left with a taste you won’t forget. One sip will make you feel as though you are enjoying a nice relaxing day in the Bahamas!

Red Turtle Vodka is filtered with the famous pink sands of beaches in Eleuthera and is a handcrafted vodka that is 100% pure cane. As stated in the name, the turtle icon featured on the bottle symbolizes its roots in the islands and makes for fine drinks, including a Bahamas Sunrise, which requires 1oz Red Turtle Vodka, 1oz of rum, and 1oz of sweet and sour mix along with 1oz orange juice and a splash of cranberry juice for the finishing touch. Serve this in a tall, chilled glass with ice and it will be the hit of any party.

Another Bahamian drink that will make a statement is the Goombay Smash, which requires 1oz pale rum, 1oz coconut rum, 2oz of pineapple juice, 2oz of orange juice and a dash of grenadine syrup and served with ice. Each liquid ingredient should be poured individually and stirred before being served.

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