If you’re looking for a delicious meal, you need to try Bahamian style macaroni & cheese, which is the ultimate comfort food that can be served either as a main dish or as a side. It is guaranteed to get your taste buds jumping while also allowing you to experience a taste of the islands. 

Simply put, this baked dish is considered a must eat and consists of generous amounts of yellow cheddar that is baked both into it as well as on top of the mixture. Chopped onions, green peppers and several different types of herbs and spices are also incorporated into the dish, which enhances both the texture and taste of this dish. The ingredients that bind all of the components together are eggs, evaporated milk and butter, which also help with the creamy foundation. This macaroni bake is different than the typical macaroni & cheese meals found in North America, which are a lot saucier. 

Bahamians have adopted many traditional English recipes brought over by colonists in the eighteenth century, and mac and cheese is one of them. They have taken this dish and made it their own and enriched the taste, which can be enjoyed on its own but is more often served as a side dish alongside peas and rice, creamy coleslaw and plantains, all of which complement both seafood and protein main dishes. It’s a very popular side option that can be found on Bahamian menus everywhere. 

It is usually served right from the baking pan after the dish has been cooled and cut into squares, which is the perfect serving portion. Island locals even like taking it up a notch by including spicy ingredients to enhance the dish and take it to another level. You can increase the quantity of hot peppers used and even mix in tabasco sauce for a whole new flavour within a traditional dish. 

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